set of two merry christmas banners template in red and green col

It is the time of festivity around the corner: Christmas and New Year Eve. It’s time to decorate the home. Brighten up a muted décor scheme with bejewelled photo frames and statement accessories. Using bold elements like digitally printed side tables, bright cushions, quirky lampshades and colourful crockery will add a whole new dimension.

When it comes to adding a festive touch to your home, let the lighting take centre stage. Bring out beautiful, eye-catching lamps and lanterns in various hues and shapes to add an element of warmth. Visualise and experiment with different placements and design to create an impact and allow the lights to shine through. “Use vibrant-coloured lamps with aesthetic lighting to set the mood. Create an exciting play of shadows with vivacious and multi-hued lamps, which bring colour during the day, and, in the evening, create beautiful mood lighting. Select lamps of different materials such as brass, colourful printed fabrics or glass. For added drama, place candles or floor and table lamps in varying sizes in empty corners of your home to brighten your space. For a traditional touch, incorporate miniature lamps with fine engraving.

Give your space a celebratory touch with bursts of colour and glamour in your upholstery by way of bright cushion covers that flaunt Indian artistry. Colourful sequined cushions in your bedroom or on the couch will definitely add festive bling to your space. Bring out cushion covers in rich brocades and silk, in deep tones, and featuring hand embroidery. Introduce some brightly coloured throws with a touch of casual warmth. Replace your old curtains with bright, festive, floral options in gorgeous materials such as velvet, organza, faux silk, jacquard and taffeta.

Statement-making pieces of furniture—whether vintage or quirky—in the form of an armchair, bench, coffee table or even a cupboard can uplift the look of your house. Place a warm bespoke rug on the floor to add a bit of colour and personality to your space. Add an ornate, traditional hand-knotted silk rug to any living area, which can immediately add to the richness of the setting and would serve as the best accessory to enhance any space.

With too little time at hand to paint your walls, give them an instant makeover by opting for beautiful wallpapers or eye-catching wall art or fabric-clad frames on a central wall or across the entire space. While doing so, ensure that you maintain a balance and don’t go overboard with your wall colours and accents. Wallpapers with coordinated textiles and show plates are the best way to brighten up your home. Elaborate storyboard wallpapers add a narrative and lend character to the space in question. The right wallpaper can work magic in an otherwise dull and monotonous room. Do not hesitate in using strong graphic prints and colours to showcase your own sensibility, especially in a personal space.

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