Console Table is an ideal addition to a room because of its versatility and capacity to pack a punch in a small space. Console tables are long and lean, and therefore can be put in a narrow space in a lobby or can be used for placing lamps behind a sofa. As per the requirements, you can find a variety of console tables that are made of different elements. Some hold items including a tall vase full of colourful flowers, a short stack of books, and a collection of family photographs whereas others can be used as a spot to showcase eye-catching ornamental decor. Instead of filling the surface of your beautiful console table with household clutter, put a little elegance to it.


Floral Arrangements: Place a vase of flowers and potted plants on the entryway console of your house as it is a great way to create good energy. Strategically placed a large faux flower arrangement can also help to focus attention on your display.

Books and Artworks: A stack of books or magazines placed on the top of console tables is always appealing. Many console tables do not feel complete without a great book or stack of magazines. Putting your favourite book or the latest literature on the table is a perfect way to express your views. For a more eclectic arrangement, you can display beautiful artworks. Arrange these decorative items in a creative manner so that the tabletop does not look mishmash.

Mirror: Mirror looks amazingly beautiful when it is placed on a console table or hanged above on the wall. Moreover, they serve two purposes: first, they’re not only a great decorative but also pull light into a space. Position a bouquet of flowers on both sides, which will make your display much more fascinating for the onlooker and also create balance.

Spectacular Lighting: Placing a pair of lamps at the both ends of console table will not only illuminate the space but also create stunning ambience. A table lamp having interesting texture and curved, faceted or colourful base will give great look to your console.

Use the Space Underneath: Placing a pair of stools, X benches, a chair or storage ottomans next to or beneath your console adds symmetry to a console table vignette and provides guests with a spot to sit and relax. You can also place an attractive basket or stack of books.

Layering: This is the most important thing you need to consider before decorating your console table. You can place items of different shapes, sizes, textures and heights for a stunning display. It is advised to keep long, sleek and large items at the back and small, short ones in front. However, there is no need to fill up every inch of space, but add enough to speak volumes.

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