Feng Shui

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, is a powerful tool that assists in acquiring happiness, and bringing harmony in our surroundings, particularly, in our life. Everything around us emits energy; some emanate positive vibes whereas others create a negative aura. Feng Shui is a wonderful remedy that harness positive chi (life-force energy). If you want to invite good fortune into your home and willing to raise the happiness quotient inside the home, follow the below mentioned Feng Shui decorating tips:

Feng Shui 123

The Entranceway of Your Home

This is the first place, which someone notices when come to your home. Therefore, the entryway should be beautiful and refreshing that invite possibilities and opportunities into our homes. Put a nice piece of artwork, fountain, beautiful door mat or something visually appealing at the place of entrance. Keep your front door clean, place flower pots on both sides of your entrance door and replace broken bulbs. There should be no slippers or shoes lying around outside the main entrance gate of your house as it will bring negative energy (sickness) in your house. Also, keeping a name plate explicitly showing your address on the outside wall of your home directs the positive energy (opportunities) towards your home.

Arrange your furniture

Always keep your furniture in a position where you are not in the direct alignment with the open doorway, but can see the entrance from where you are sitting or lying. Those places where you spend most of your time reading or writing such as a sofa, bed and desk should always be in this position. Also, avoid placing sharp-edged furniture in your room as it looks like a weapon and may cause harm to anyone.

Fix Broken Objects

A broken object brings negativity to home. Therefore, Feng Shui suggests replacing or fixing anything that is broken or cracked. Make sure that the tile or an area of flooring is not broken.  Because a home with broken objects brings negative energy and it may affect your relationship with the other members of your family. If fixing is impossible on the damaged floor, put a nice carpet to cover it.

Clean the Clutter

Feng Shui firmly suggests keeping your house clean and clutter free. Too much clutter in a home tends to prevent positive energy from entering.  Never keep any broken watches, plates, mixer, pens or other items in your home as they carry negative energy.

Keep a Fish Tank

Fish Tank

Feng Shui considers keeping a fish aquarium at home as a very crucial and auspicious symbol. It reduces negativity and invites good fortune at home. But make sure that it is placed in strategically suitable area otherwise it can give birth to bankruptcy, work pressure, and other troubles.

Enliven the Energy of Your Room with Fresh Plants


Fill the empty places in your room with beautiful and fresh flowers. Keep pink and red flowers in the bedroom that will help to spice up your love life.

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