Tips to Create a Feng Shui Perfect Home

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, is a powerful tool that assists in acquiring happiness, and bringing harmony in our surroundings, particularly, in our life. Everything around us emits energy; some emanate positive vibes whereas others create a negative aura. Feng Shui is a wonderful remedy that harness positive chi (life-force energy). If you want to invite good fortune into your home and willing to raise the happiness quotient inside the home, follow the below mentioned Feng Shui decorating tips:

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The Entranceway of Your Home

This is the first place, which someone notices when come to your home. Therefore, the entryway should be beautiful and refreshing that invite possibilities and opportunities into our homes. Put a nice piece of artwork, fountain, beautiful door mat or something visually appealing at the place of entrance. Keep your front door clean, place flower pots on both sides of your entrance door and replace broken bulbs. There should be no slippers or shoes lying around outside the main entrance gate of your house as it will bring negative energy (sickness) in your house. Also, keeping a name plate explicitly showing your address on the outside wall of your home directs the positive energy (opportunities) towards your home.

Arrange your furniture

Always keep your furniture in a position where you are not in the direct alignment with the open doorway, but can see the entrance from where you are sitting or lying. Those places where you spend most of your time reading or writing such as a sofa, bed and desk should always be in this position. Also, avoid placing sharp-edged furniture in your room as it looks like a weapon and may cause harm to anyone.

Fix Broken Objects

A broken object brings negativity to home. Therefore, Feng Shui suggests replacing or fixing anything that is broken or cracked. Make sure that the tile or an area of flooring is not broken.  Because a home with broken objects brings negative energy and it may affect your relationship with the other members of your family. If fixing is impossible on the damaged floor, put a nice carpet to cover it.

Clean the Clutter

Feng Shui firmly suggests keeping your house clean and clutter free. Too much clutter in a home tends to prevent positive energy from entering.  Never keep any broken watches, plates, mixer, pens or other items in your home as they carry negative energy.

Keep a Fish Tank

Fish Tank

Feng Shui considers keeping a fish aquarium at home as a very crucial and auspicious symbol. It reduces negativity and invites good fortune at home. But make sure that it is placed in strategically suitable area otherwise it can give birth to bankruptcy, work pressure, and other troubles.

Enliven the Energy of Your Room with Fresh Plants


Fill the empty places in your room with beautiful and fresh flowers. Keep pink and red flowers in the bedroom that will help to spice up your love life.

Top Tips To Decorate Your Home On Durga Puja


Durga Puja, Dussehra or Navratri celebration is one of the biggest and most auspicious festivals in India. During these nine pious days, the home gets filled with a divine aura. Each day, people worship one of the nine different forms of Goddess Durga. With the Vijayadashami or Dussehra fast approaching, preparations for the festivities are in full swing for many of us. People start decorating their houses or pandal to welcome their beloved Goddess “Maa Durga”. Here are a few simple home decor tips by which you can beautifully transform the environment of your home and give it a new life.

Clean Your Space and Rearrange the Furniture

Whether it is a religious festival or any other celebration, decorations are always an important part. While decorating your home, the foremost thing you need to take care of is cleanliness. A home decor is incomplete if it looks untidy. Even wrongly placed furniture makes your home cluttered and messy. While rearranging furniture, do not position your couches, chairs or tables against walls and make sure that their corners are not close to the door. Also, blend your furniture with the rest of the features such as bed, windows, cabinet, shelving, and other things. Most importantly, keep your Pooja Room clutter free.

Paint Your Home with Ethnic and True Colours

Diwali is celebrated exactly 20 days after Dussehra or Durga Puja so this is the best time to paint your walls to make your Diwali more Joyful.  Paint your walls with true ethnic colours of India like earthy green, red and yellow. However, if home makeover is not in your budget, you can just rearrange the furnishings and decorative. If you want to stay away from the sheer inconvenience caused during paint work, consider adding festive theme wallpapers or paintings to enhance the beauty of your walls and give your room a complete festive appearance.

Lighten Up your Space

Lightening gives a pristine and divine look to your room. Whether you have a spacious or a non-spacious worship area, a perfect lightening gives it a special charm. Brighten up your entrance gate with strings of colourful LED lights or spotlights for dramatic effect.

Diyas and Floating Candles for Decoration

It is a tradition to light up earthen lamps or diyas on festivals and special occasions. To spruce up the look of your room, add a row of plain or decorated diyas. You can give a lavish appeal to your room by adding floating candles that provide light as well as good aroma. Put some floating candles in the bowls of water and place it in the hall or out in the patio. You can also place them as a centre piece on the dining table.

Decorate Your Interiors with Flowers

Fresh flowers add a festive hue and give a soothing effect to your interiors. Moreover, the fragrance of marigold flowers and other autumn flowers would mesmerize the entire house. Make a garland of flowers and decorate your entrance doors, place of worship and windows with this. You can also go for artificial garlands that come in a variety of colours and patterns. A bouquet of different coloured flowers gives a refreshing and new look to the room.

Create a Beautiful Rangoli Pattern on the Floor

Welcome Maa Durga into your home by creating a beautiful Rangoli pattern at the patio or the entrance way or in the Puja room of your home. A beautifully drawn Rangoli soothes the eyes of the visitors and a sweet earthy fragrance emanates from its colours gives a festive feel. Floating Rangoli is in trend these days in which flowers, diyas, candles float in the bowl filled with water. You can also make Rangoli by using the petals of fresh flowers such as roses, marigold and lotus.